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Fuzi Mountain Scenic Spot

Fuzi Mountain Scenic Area of Yongcheng city, Henan Province, China, is located in the west of Mountain and mountain. At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius traveled with his disciples to mount Mangdang.he used to dry his books and give lectures here. There are Confucius shelter, Confucian temple, Guanyin Pavilion, Guo Pagoda and large-scale cultural leisure landscape garden - Master Garden.

Confucius shelter is located at the southern foot of The Fuzi Mountain, is a natural cliff cave, because when Confucius traveled around the world in this shelter from the rain and so named. There is still a statue of Confucius sitting on his knees, cross-legged, facing south. The "Stone cliff dripping emerald" here is one of the eight ancient scenes of Yongcheng.

The Master garden is scattered with pavilions, lush trees, flowers, winding paths, babbling streams, steep hills and steep lakes. The cultural dramas in the park have maximized the Confucian culture. At the highest level, people can see The Mountain and mountain At the highest level, and there are amusement facilities such as high-altitude glass trestle road, sliding and rafting, and cruise ship.

Master estates to paddle recreational area with Confucianism culture experience and swim mountain one products, such as current open cliff 1800 meters road, 300 meters of glass drift plank road, 400 meters of water glass slide adventure, suspension Bridges reemergence hollow glass, glass water slide, dream in the spring and autumn park, 7 colour grass skiing, aerial sliding cable project is popular with tourists.


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